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in this essentially very small geographic area. you have brown at the kennedy farm invading harper's ferry in 1859. harper's ferry is a flash point and the civil war changes hands a dozen times. stonewall jackson takes harper's ferry a awe few days before, and that's why the battle happened. the union realizes lee has divided his army. they attack, and as a result of antetum, which is seven miles from the kennedy farm, lincoln issues the emancipation proclamation. so, you know, this incredible journey in our history all occurs in this very tight geographic area. i mean, it really is quite stunning. this is the irony while i was sort of bashing lincoln but suggesting that he wasn't the great emancipator initially that people imagined. he actually was on the conservative end of the anti-slavery spectrum, and this comes through again very much in his attitude towards brown, the great irony is that he eventually comes around to brown's position and that slavery -- this must become a war against slavery and ends up, you know, taking the south that begins to fulfill brown's mission but like brown become
, "midnight rising" which is about john brown and events that changed the course of american history forever. he worked for many years for "the wall street journal" and "the new york times." he's a swre, very dear friend. one of the things i want to tell you about tony, he really and truly has a notion we like the say that we put people in the boots of those that went before us in order for them to know as david mccullough told us years ago, those people who lived long you a go didn't know they were living long ago. tony one-ups it. not only do our programs try to put students and visitors and teachers into the boots of those long ago, tony wants to get not into their boots but into their minds. and he has done that every book he has written. we are here today. a conversation and then we are going to open the floor to your questions to this amazing man. because you are our friend we can say you are an amazing man. >> they say you can't go home. lived here for 13 years and it still feels like home. there are five people in the audience i still don't know. good to be back. >> we are not very f
developments there also jerry brown and the chances of him passing his tax plan here the state of california talking about that with san francisco stake. >>> also this morning we do have a violent instances overnight to tell you about. >>> gun fire between police officer and a suspect in oakland. >>> it happened around midnight near 92nd avenue police said the suspect fired first at them and then they shot an officer who then fired back. both taken to hospital it officer is in stable condition right now unexpected to live but no official word on the status of the suspect. all if your guests in san jose last night during the fifth of may celebrations to happen that the intersection of santa clara and fourth street. police said one person down the street and another against the wall part of a heavy police presence throughout downtown in an effort to prevent a repeat of last year's violence and vandalism the main celebration last night basically about people cruising up and down santa clara street in cars that are appearing to the mexican flag just after 8:00 p.m. police moved into the stree
controlled schools for military dependants in the south before the brown decision, and everybody who thinks that eisenhower was anti-brown really haven't done their homework, and you mentioned about my book. my book is not an opinion piece. there's not a phrase in it that's not rooted in a document or in compelling circumstantial evidence. that doesn't mean there isn't argument that can be had about motivation, but there's some things facts that aren't hidden hand facts as the phrase has become, supreme court appointments. eisenhower refused to appoint judges to federal courts who were known segregationists, refused to do that. john f. kennedy when he came in appointed those right and left, and i have to say to you, folks, i have a son named for jfk, if you want to know where i come from, okay? and, you know, it's going -- i have fun handing in the program, but, you know, facts are facts, so eisenhower did a lot. he didn't do some things that people would have liked to have seen him do, but we'll get back to little rock, because i don't want to preempt ernie talking about that, but little r
brown or black makeup on it, say no. this is ridiculous. at least have an indian flavored pop chip. but it's ridiculous. he should know better. >> jamal, you were rolling your eyes when you saw it. >> i don't think ashton was trying to be racist. it was a bad interpretation. remember the mike myers movie? it was panned the same way. people were frustrated with the depiction of indians in that movie. >> maybe they just didn't think it all the way through, what did you think? ♪ indian chicken >> ana, are you there? >> yes, i am. >> maybe they didn't think it all the way through. what do you think? >> you know, don, i think ashton needs to find himself another older woman. he needs a little adult supervision and good thinking in there. >> let's talk about this new jersey mom who was charged this week with child endangerment for taking her 6-year-old to a tanning salon. i want you to listen real quick. >> she's 6 years old. yes, she does go tanning with mommy, but not in the booth. >> dean, i got to be honest with you, is it fair to have a child in protective services or be called? i
the brown decision was made and early on, the 101st airborne division sent into little rock in 1957 was trained in riot control. this was not for riots in europe. they anticipated this, hoped not. one reason that brownell could persuade eisenhower to propose legislation was he convinced eisenhower it might be an alternative to using the one legal out that he had which was to use the troops, hoping not to do it. but he did. but little rock is the tip of the defense of brown ice berks and i would point out to you that eisenhower could have chosen not to send troops. people assume he was forced to. >> yes. >> he was chose to, and he chose to very quickly, and he didn't craven around about it as much as some of the half informed commentaries say. the timeline was very shortstop as you mentioned, ernie, the faubus announced the national guard to -- to patrol the school on the night of september 2nd. they were there in the morning of september 3rd. on september 4th herbert brownell held a news conference and indicated specifically with the president's approval that one of the option ofs t
it wedges, you can't really hit it that far. jim: on the left rickie fowler's girlfriend, alexandra brown. and rickie's mother on the right. alexandra the daughter of long time pga pro olen brown. >> this is a gap wedge. 51 degree. nick: that is not bad. that is all right. that sounds about right to me. oh, there is the shot. there is the shot. he pulled it off. jim: he is on the perfect side, too. just an uphiller. basically facing the same putt mcilroy had coming back for his par. nick: so, rory that's control his adreniline as well. he had a few where he blasted these wedges long. >> he has made this shot easier. 126, take dead aim. nick: follow that. jim: starts right. staying out to the right. >> that is way out to the right. nick: you are kidding. oh. very surprised at that. >> i think that is the reaction to having to take some off of it. jim: rickie fowler, trying to get that break through american win, number one. best wedge shot of his career. what did it look like from the blimp? it looked like a dart. the reaction -- nick: what an amazing week that rickie had. went all the way
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you. [applause] d!?g:::::::÷7&>> i am terence f. i would like to know when the willie brown model will be installed on polk street, north of broadway? >> the question, could you repeat the question? >> i would like to know when the willie brown model of newspaper racks are going to be installed on polk street, north of california? >> what is it? >> fancy new newspaper racks, the green ones. >> i think mayor lee and i share the desire of many neighborhoods to get more of these racks. i would like to turn it over to mohammed nuru from dpw over whether you know the timing for this section of polk street? >> thank you, good evening. as you know, we just finished installing all the racks in the downtown area. that was an agreement. gradually, we are working out agreements with the various neighborhoods. i cannot give a definite time, but i would say in the next three months or so we should have those up. [applause] >> is john here? i will give you the question. why are you putting through only 10 lateral police officers and 50 entry-level officers this fiscal year? 50 lateral officers
you enjoy the first two as much as i did. i think we found out how much of a character governor brown can be we are going to talk about silicon valley and the bay area innovation to the economy today. as you look at the panel, talking about the silicon valley, we have the mayor of san francisco. it will come into perspective, that when you have a giant like ibm anchor here in the valley, you are seeing in between companies like google and apple and facebook with incredible growth. in san francisco, mayor lee has welcomed to the fold in twitter, zynga, companies that are into cloud computing, hiring lots of people that not only want to live and work in the valley but recognize san francisco as being part of the valley. we are, indeed, fortunate, from san jose to san francisco, to be part of the innovation economy. we are finally seeing once again california's innovation is leading us out of the last three years of recession. i do not know about you but i am pretty tired of the recession. i made a statement several years ago that it was about time for an adjustment to the economy, thing
start now. pamela brown, abc 7 news. >> still to come "the avengers." arch campbell is up next with a ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] everyone likes a bit of ord in their life. virtual wallet helps you get it. keep track of spending move money wiwith a slide and use the calendar. all to see your money how you want. ♪ ♪ we need to look fofor a new van. yeah. i just don't know where to start. glad you found us. start by test-driving nearly every make and model, all in one place. carmax. start here. >> steve rudin is back with a first check of our forecast. >> we are looking at a few clouds outside right now that depends on where you are you may see the super moon. this is earlier this evening. it will not last very long. in terms of the cloudy skies you may see it for a little bit the super moon being spotted in avondale. the clouds will move to the early morning hours. some parts of the super moon will start to fade. looking outside right now, it is cloudy and dry. the low-level clouds are going to hang around for a few more hours.
senate seat. there is the incumbent, senator scott brown. but he is facing a challenger named elizabeth warren here. how some potential damaging claims about her early days at harvard could affect the campaign. that's next. [ barking ] i'm your dog, holding down the fort while you're out catching a movie. [ growls ] lucky for me, your friends showed up with this awesome bone. hey! you guys are great. and if you got your home insurance where you got your cut rate car insurance, it might not replace all this. [ electricity crackling ] [ gasping ] so get allstate. you could save money and be better protected from mayhem like me. [ dennis ] dollar for dollar, nobody protects you from mayhem like allstate. [ dennis ] dollar for dollar, by what's getting done. measure commitment the twenty billion doars bp committed has helped fund economic and environmental recovery. long-term, bp's made a five hundred million dollar commitment to support scientists studying the environment. and the gulf is open for business - the beaches are beautiful, the seafood is delicious. last year, many areas even re
. thank you. [applause] >> next, i would call -- mark connors, and solomon brown. >> hi. so i work for tenderloin housing clinic, and am not a resident of san francisco. i was born and raised here but can't afford to live here wit hthh the budget cuts. i went from paying no medical to $250 for medical. i live in oakland. i don't like oakland. sorry. i don't. it is just a lot of crime. i have been going through a lot. i have to take her out of school. parents with guns, all kinds of stuff. she can't go to school here. i live out here. i pay for them to go to school here. a mix-up, in between. us getting raises would help, and i could come back to my native. thank you. [applause] >> i am mark conners from treasure island, secretary for the good neighbors -- and i wanted to say what the young man said earlier. we have a lot of youth, and fund the care center for the independent youth. sometimes the youth get in trouble and we need reseources for the island. from time to time, we have crime waves. they need more local services and support on the island. we don't have a grocery store an
went we and mayer brown and mayor newsom, and we had that mission. we look around the bay and we see all the hospitals going up, the project's going up, and that foundation has worked. every effort and hustle that i was doing as part of the department of public works, trying to get those permits out and get the infrastructure done and completed, and now we get to talk about mission rock. i mean, what a solid lead great contribution this whole development is going to be. i want to emphasize that as reconstruct this vision, we are going to create immediately 4800 construction jobs right here on this development for the next years to come. it has the potential of impact in an additional 4900 jobs throughout the whole city during the construction phase. when it is completed in just a few years, 6900 permanent jobs can be had literally on the site to complement all the jobs that have been being created already with at&t park and the success of around the giants and their organization. i have often talked route -- about jobs but also the spirit of the city and how we need to make sure that
in a brown paper bag. a gentleman walked in, threw it down on the visitor center information desk, which just happened to be manned by the chief ranger at the time, george reeves. threw it down and said this thing's causing so much damage with my family, i'd just as soon be rid of it it's yours if you want. mr. george said he almost fell over in the chair when he realized what he had in the brown paper bag. the flag was in tatters. again, just like the pittsburg landing flag, new material is backed. the historic material. so there's a differentiation of it and it completes the flag. and you can see if you come up and examine it real close that much of the flag was missing when it arrived here. it also can probably, contained in these missing quadrants, other battle honors that the 51st tennessee would have participated in. the one that seems to have survived is the shiloh honor. early in the history of shiloh in, say,he first 50 years or so, histiography of the battle there was a question if the 51st participated. they were at donaldson, part of the unit were captured, some escaped. they were
by that? >> they didn't really ban it. they just took it out of brown hands. they banned mexicans, basically. they got rid of mexican-american studies. they put all of the books that they took away from students. they boxed them and put them away. the catch-22 seems to be that anybody who's not from that ethnic studies world could teach it. but that there would be disciplinary action, as i understand it, if anyone complains about those being taught. so in essence, they've been what i call a soft banning. they're out of the picture. and -- >> but just look at the books. i brought a list of the titles. chicano, the history of the mexican civil rights movement, boxed. critical theory by delgado and stepanic, boxed. 500 year history of pictures, boxed. occupied america, boxed. rethinking columbus, the next 500 years, boxed. the oppressed, boxed. and then howard zenness, the people's history of the united states? >> he's a lefty. >> sandros cisneros, zapata's disciple, feminism is for everybody, jonathan kozel's savage inequalities, luis rodriguez is always running, by the lake of slee
toasted up all golden brown then given a delicious design? a toaster strudel. pillsbury toaster strudel. so delicious...so fun. mom, we're dying. no you're not, you're just hungry. make some totino's pizza rolls. we don't have any! front... left, totino's. [ male announcer ] well done mom! less drama, more fun! totino's pizza rolls. >> eric: joyful reunion at a kais kaiser hospital in march. bringing memories back for patients and staff. its an amazing story of a bay area twin who grew up to have twins of her own at the same hospital where she was born. karina rusk has the story. >> she and her brother have a story that goes beyond being twins. their mom is herself a twin. this is video of her as a baby and her brother jane who is now a proud uncle. >> people the store and people at the job. >> there is another twist. had thug at the hospital comes with three decades of history. when she returned where she was born, a nurse made the connection. >> i said okay, you won't believe this. all right. i have a patient that i took care of when she was a preemie and her jaws dropped. >> we cover
news," which dr. brown sings with his accompanist, ella lewis. ♪ i got news to tell you i got good news ♪ >> reporter: it's a spiritual which makes the present bearable. ♪ i got a crown up in that kingdom ain't a that good news ♪ >> a spiritual that says beyond this world there is victory. i'm going to get my crown. i'm going to be regal. >> "nobody knows the trouble i've seen" or "sometimes i feel like a motherless child," but then there was always that message of hope in them that would allow you, okay, this is what my circumstance is, but this is what i can look forward to as well. >> reporter: spirituals, which arose at plantations like this one in roswell, georgia, were really a double-edged sword. while the melodies might suggest to masters that slaves were happy with their lot in life, if you listen closely you will find the message in many spirituals was defiant, indeed rebellious. >> the stereotype was that as long as the slaves were singing and dancing, they were happy, and we said we're good. well, we can also communicate, you know, "steal away, steal away to jesus, ste
. jerry brown, every time i see him, it is like, what else are you going to cut? if he does not get his way, there is going to be even more hurt. we are no longer dependent upon those streams of revenue. we have to create our own. i only know one way. have a solid relationship with the businesses who want to grow, employee, helped make the city successful. that is how we are going to do it. where wanted do it on your own, but we are going to do it with your innovation. i want to invite you, on a number of levels, as part of this relationship, we have problems in our city to solve. i cannot solve them with just city government employees. i think the way we are starting to think, we will get you into helpless to some hack-a-thons, think about how to get muni better operating. even the affordable housing debate we are having. come and help us think outside the box. maybe we can think of better solutions. i know you want the city to succeed. if it is successful, you will feel that much more committed to being part of the city. we invite you to be part of that. we do that through s.f. city.
want to take a moment to welcome back to the chamber former supervisors michael yaqui and brown over here. i would also like to introduce a hearing request. i want to thank supervisors kim and winner for their co spotter's chip -- coe sponsorship for fiscal years 2013 as well as 2013-14 pierpont -- 2013-14. our charter charges collection of all relevant information for the assessment of policies, budget, and priority programs for the use of san francisco -- of the use of san francisco. given that this year is the first year that requires a two- year budget from general fund departments, our youth commission has adopted a set of eight budget priorities. it includes the training of new police officers as well as lgbt q said the city training. -- sensitivity training. i would like to ask that this hearing be held at the budget and finance committee to help inform our board's deliberations on the upcoming budget. the rest of the items i will submit. >> thank you, mr. president. supervisor olague keep. supervisor olague: a hearing to assess the current systems and policies for existing su
back. that make us whoe ken jeong: it's not just what's on the outside yvette nicole brown: it's what's inside that really counts alison sweeney: so get to know the people around you ann curry: you'll see all they have to offer al roker: the more you know >> i'm in the best shape i've been in my life. i'm doing pretty well. i'm enjoying what i'm doing. let's get the president re-elected. >> you're not closing that door? chris: welcome back. this week's huge question, will joe biden run for president? and will he run even if hillary clinton also runs? >> i think he will run. if hillary clinton runs, it would be tough for him to run. chris: katty kay? >> i expect that he will give it a shot but his age will be a factor. chris: how about hillary's age? >> that's also a factor. >> the desire's there. i think he won't. >> i kind of think he will. i would like to skip ahead to that election. chris: one of the great ones. biden vs. hillary clinton. perhaps. dan rather, good luck with the book. "rather outspoken." katty kay, kelly o'donnell. see you back here next week.
with her child. he attends the brown academy in alexandria. and, you know, because it is such a good cause, she wants hem to have fun but also feels that he needs to get behind good causes and it is good to get him started young. >> my son's school, brown academy, they have a team. he's 10 years old. and it is important for kids to recognize how blessed they are, to support and causes and for -- brain cancer, research, and you never know, it is not directly affecting my family right now but just never know. i want my son to be able to appreciate how blessed he is and be able to support important causes like this. >> reporter: indeed. you know, in the future that means one more person in the vast crowd of people who care. people who put their feet, i guess, where their thoughts are. indeed they come out and do something. now, this race will go up to the capitol and cop back. if you are headed down this roy, you will encounter street closures. that's where we are live, news4. back to you. >> derrick ward reporting live. thank you very much it be linting to see how many people participate in
delirious ironies, individuals, there's one story in the 1840s of an individual, john brown dylan in indiana who stood before a crowd and gave a speech called the decline to miami. essential to what he was arguing was, you know, that it was really sad. what was interesting to me was there's documentation that miami community members were standing there in the crowd listening to this guy limit the fact that they were no longer there. and so it's the irony that i found i kept finding over and over again that maybe want to investigate it further. >> oklahoma city is the of the 1995 attack of the murrah building by timothy mcveigh. booktv visits the city to share the local literary culture of the area. >> hi. my name is joe entered and the acting curator of the john and mary nichols rare books and special collections at the university of oklahoma. this is a wonderful collection that was named in honor of john and mr. nichols the on the other longtime service to the university and to libraries. with the generous support we have established this collection on the campus of university of a global.
compact 7 1922 was tween several states are brown color of what appears there is not as much water and cholera river and then there was in 1922 but we are using more water than we did send. we need to solve the problem. for corn to have to change the way we deal with water. >> with a population in the regions expecting to reach 2 million demand or outpace supply and less we embrace a new water tactic. now telling how we use water and how it affects the world around us. >>marty: this also applies as in the bay area. we're not dependent on something like the color of a river but it's still wise us. >> you have a unique relationship to our watershed. most people turn on the faucet and have no idea of where the water comes from said there as a low level of awareness that we need to step up. >>marty: what would be the first step to solve this problem. >> this is a lot of low hanging fruit. is a lot of changes that can occur without much effort. because of agriculture and some of the mad methodology. efficiency can greatly increase their. msn a look at what kind of things to grow it r
yours? that's been wrapped in a flaky crust stuffed with a gooey center toasted up all golden brown then given a delicious design? a toaster strudel. pillsbury toaster strudel. so delicious...so fun. mom, we're dying. no you're not, you're just hungry. make some totino's pizza rolls. we don't have any! front... left, totino's. [ male announcer ] well done mom! less drama, more fun! totino's pizza rolls. >>> this is wjz tv. wjz hd and wjz.com, baltimore. >> from the city, to the counties, to your neighborhood. now it's complete coverage. it's wjz, maryland's news station. >> terror trial. the 9/11 mastermind hauled into court. >> the day of reckoning has come. >> what he and other suspects did to frustrate the junk judge and vic -- judge and victims' families. >>> the five men who planned the 9/11 attacks appear in court charged with the murder of each single person who died on september 11th. tonight, drew levenson reports for wjz on what happened inside the courtroom and reaction from families who lost loved ones. >> khalid sheikh mohammed, the man who claims to have orchestrated t
's take that full and look at the brown that you see here. you can barely even see any snow in many of these areas. and we have got a couple of statistics that we want to share with you. there you can see what the snow pack looks like so far this year, not a lot on the map. let's advance that, and show you what the snow pack looked like last year. wow. what an incredible difference. so as a whole, colorado, the may snow pack was 135% of average last season. this season, only 20% of average, one week off from the all time record earliest closing for a basin. this really is very significant. another statistic for you, that maybe you're not a skier but you care and interested in what is going on in denver. the average snowfall for the month of march and april is usually 20 inches. this year, only an inch. so that's a huge difference here. the problem is there is just basically no snow. that's the bottom line, fredricka. we had a latina type pattern and that kept the snow away. >> oh, gosh, all right. maybe next year. for those that like to ski until july. all right, thanks a lot, appre
generation is more black and brown than the older generation. so you just add all these things together, and particularly from an older conservative perspective, it's easy to be distrustful of people who appear to be doing things the wrong way, demanding benefits and money and opportunities they have not yet earned, and just in general they're just not the america we built. and so you do that from tea partiers but we built this country. we worked hard. it's been taken away from us. spink i think with three minutes left, so one quick question. >> i work here at the institute. so the tea party members, they remember the cuyahoga river burning. they remember smoggy days, so why opposition to environmental protection? >> i think that's a great question. and i think it does get to the real core question, when people are conservatives and this idea of conservation, maybe they are related terms answer of not using more than you need are all ideas that people practice in their private lives in something, you become tea party members talked about clipping coupons which is him like a related sort
. >> the bottom line is there is not enough snow. sit snowing right now but there you can see the brown and the bare that is going on and there is not enough space for them to keep on going. let's put it in perspective. this is a google earth map. >> the total this year, only an inch. big deficit. down about 9% in those areas. >> bad news for the skiers and snow borders but winter will come again soon. >> and they can hike in the summer. >> stick around. wintler be back. appreciate it. loved the moon last night. >> it was a year of the summer olympics. >> it's a joyful reunion for tim and his two dogs men and jack. they started their day in costa rica and just arrived in houston. >> they are my kids. they travel with me and go wherever i go. >> if your four-legged family member is going on your next trip, a visit with your vet should be the next stop. this doctor checked my dog. >> also suggests you take a photo of your pet in case you get separated. i'm walt gale, i worked at the colorado springs mail processing plant for 22 years. we processed on a given day about a million pieces of
and issued to the troops. it was in bad shape when it arrived here in a brown paper bag. the gentleman walked in, threw it down on the visitor center information desk, which just happened to be manned by the chief ranger at that time, george reeves. threw it down and said this thing's causing so much trouble in my family, i'd just assume be rid of it. it's yours if you want it. mr. george said he almost fell over in his chair to get the information when he realized what he had inside the paper bag. the flag was in tatters. just like the pittsburgh landing flag, new material has backed the historic materials so there's a differentiation of it and it completes the flag, and can you see, come up and examine it real close that much of the -- of the flag was missing when it arrived here. it also probably contained in these missing quadrants other battle honors that the 51st tennessee would have participated in. the one that seems to have survived is the high low honor. early in the history of shiloh, in the -- say, the first 50 years or so, historiography of the battle, there's been some question
with the historic 1954 supreme court decision in brown versus the topeka board of education. these struggles for civil rights has not been easy. when they occur, they often revolve around the constitution with the rights that define us, as a nation have always been secured. first ten amendments to the constitution are known as the bill of rights. spell out personal rights and freedoms that are guaranteed to every american, including freedom of speech, religion and the press. right to petition the government, right to bear arms and the right to due process of law. most of the later amendments sought to explicitly extend rights, granted in the constitution itself to individual who's had been excluded from full participation in our democracy when the constitution was adopted in 1787. three post civil war amendments abolished slavery, made former slaves u.s. citizens and granted them the right to vote. the 19th amendment grant women the right to vote and another grant access to the ballot by 18-year-olds. we may view founding documents as timeless, but the government they envisioned and that we
is kicking off his reelection campaign >> let's not forget jerry brown, the governor's tax plan. first we start with developing news in oakland. in exchange of gunfire between police and a suspect. >> it happened around midnight on burr oak street. police say the suspect fired first and hit the suspect who fired back. the officer is in stable condition right now but there is no official word on the status of the suspect. there were only a few arrests in san jose last night during the cinco de mayo celebrations. two of them happen near city hall. police have one person down on the street and another against the wall. this was all part of a very heavy police presence all weekend long to prevent a repeat of last year's vandalism. many cars were bearing the mexican flag. just after 8:00 p.m. police moved into the street and shot down lanes and set up a traffic diversion. they also urged bystanders not to gather on street corners. overall police took a proactive posture at any sign of trouble >> we feel comfortable with the number of officers working tonight that if we do have any crimes or an
governor brown is saying is that it's getting somewhat better, but we're still challenged. it's going to take years to work our way out. there's got to be a way to balance the budget and pay the bills. it's worth noting that the governor is looking ahead to having a measure on november's ballot that would boost income taxes on -- temporarily for several years on earning over a quarter of a million dollars. it would boost the state sales tax and use tax by half a cent for four years. and 89% of that would go to k-12 education, 11% would go to community colleges because these are the areas that seem so threatened. >> yosh, in relation to the governor's proposal or actually the governor's teachers proposal -- there are a lot of people besides the governor who are for this, now it appears that there may be other initiatives on the ballot, as well, too. and i think the common wisdom is that the more initiatives there are on the ballot about tax increases, the less likely it is that any one of them is going to pass. the latest one i heard about is this one that's sponsored by this rich germ
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. what is this all about? here is a fair and balanced debate. brian brown, president of the national organization for marriage and mark solomon the national campaign director of freedom to mary. thank you for your time today. >> thanks for having me. >> shannon: there is a state statute. why does north carolina need a constitutional amendment? >> as we saw in iowa it doesn't matter if a state is conservative or not and people support marriage as the union of a man and a woman. if unelected judges decide they will overturn the statute they have done this. it is necessary that the people of north carolina have the chance to vote so that judges don't force a redefinition of marriage upon them. >> shannon: mark, what are your concerns with this particular amendment. isn't it about letting the people of each individual state decide. >> there are two fundamental concerns. number one putting this in the constitution. about why marriage matters. and also super importantly this amendment isn't just about marriage. it takes away civil unions and domestic partnerships and the right for kids of
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